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My D23 Parks Predictions

The day is finally upon us.... Its D23 Parks day, y'all!! We'll find out later today if i'm just being overly hopeful with my predictions, or if maybe some of these projects will come to fruition. Don't forget to stay tuned to my Twitter page for live updates throughout the panel...

Magic Kingdom

- New nighttime light parade and updated/new fireworks for 50th anniversary

- Classic attraction updates as part of 50th celebration; Carousel of Progress, It's a Small World (IP added), Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain (DL projection effects), Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, Jungle Cruise (film tie in)

- Tomorrowland updates/refurb project;

- Stitch's Great Escape replacement (Wreck it Ralph?)

- Speedway refurb with electric cars, show scenes etc.

- Tomorrowland expansion? (between CoP and Buzz Lightyear)

- Update on Tron


- Spine project update (concept art already released). More details talked about.

- Spaceship Earth major refurb/enhancements; beginning 1st October? New narrator.

- Brazil pavilion. No ride. Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant. Area between Italy and Germany - where model train currently is?

- UK pavilion ride; small dark ride or carousel?

- Renaming of Future World into 4 neighbourhoods

- Guardians of the Galaxy ride name, concept art and test footage shown? Opening timeframe announced?

- More details on space restaurant including name, opening date etc.

- Opening timeframe/date for Ratatouille

- Update on new films (Canada, France, China, Circle of Life theater). All WS films opening as part of Festival of the Arts 2020.

- More details/footage of Epcot Forever, and further information on the full replacement (Project Cappa). Date/month for full new show launch?

- Play Pavilion details including attractions detail etc.

- Update to Imagination pavilion. Figment staying, but maybe return of Dreamfinder?

- Coco replacing Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico Pavilion.

Hollywood Studios

- Replacement for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Incredibles?

- Runaway Railway ride footage and more details? Opening date?

- Rise of the Resistance sneak peak - footage?

- Fantasmic update for 50th anniversary

- Beauty and the Beast and/or Voyage of the Little Mermaid replacement shows

- Launch Bay/Animation Courtyard replacement - possible black box dark ride, trackless, rethemed quickly as most is screens.

- Tower of Terror theme change

Animal Kingdom

- Dinoland replacement, maybe just Chester and Hester DinoRama area. Zootopia?

- Pandora expansion - 3rd attraction and TS restaurant


- New resort in Disney Springs area; convention hotel within walking distance of DS?

- Blizzard Beach expansion

- New monorails

- 50th anniversary dates and teaser