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A Look Back at 2017 - Highlights of the Year

With 2017 quickly coming to a close, what better time to take a little look back at what 2017 brought and how life treated me this year with my highlights from the year. I'll be sharing another post in a couple of weeks with my new years resolutions and a look forward to 2018 (which is sure to be a good year, you'll read exactly why in a few weeks!)

January kicked off with spending a few nights at Broomhill Manor in Cornwall over New Years with family and friends, we much enjoyed the relax after a hectic Christmas, so much so we are returning next week! January also marked the beginning of my regular blog posts here on my site along with my 'A Moment A Day' series over on my YouTube channel. At the beginning of the year I set out my goal to share a new blog post every fortnight - and, besides a couple of weeks, I think I have stuck to this goal! (I do hope you have enjoyed reading the plethora of blogs over the past year!)

February to April was rather uneventful besides a few days out here and there, and the celebration of grandad's 80th birthday with a lovely family meal.

Urm, May was a rather interesting month - not only was it my birthday, but I booked something rather exciting that is now mere weeks away! A solo trip to Walt Disney World!! I'll certainly be sharing more details about my plans both during and following the trip, and I don't think you're going to want to miss what I have in store!

June was a fun month too, celebrating my sisters 18th birthday in London was definitely a highlight. We spend the day visiting the Sky Garden, exploring Covent Garden and finishing the ABBA-solutely amazing day with watching Mamma Mia on the West End! You can see my overview blog post of Mamma Mia: The Musical here! June finished off on a very high note as we said "Hello" to Adele at Wembley Stadium, in what turned out to be her penultimate show!

July started off magically, as we headed into London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The show certainly lived up to all they hype (and the crazy demand for tickets!), and i'd 100% go and see it again if I got the chance! Just a week later we celebrated grandma's 70th birthday by heading to Windsor for a day out before coming back for a BBQ in the summer sun. July continued on with a few very late nights as I provided to-the-minute updates from the D23 Disney Expo over on my other Disney website - WDW Theme Park News (formerly Disney Magic WDW).

August saw a major update and re-design of my website - the one you are currently reading this blog on! I was very excited to launch my new website design and URL (I finally got rid of that pesky free Wix address!), and can't wait to share what else I have planned for 2018 (more details are coming soon!). August also saw the start of my #15DaysOfDisney over on my Instagram as a throwback to past Disney trips in previous Summers. It was wonderful looking back at old memories and getting the chance to share some of my favourites... August 30th marked 180 days before my solo Walt Disney World trip, and that only means one thing in Disney terms - Dining Day! I was so chuffed to have got not one, but two, reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant! I can't wait to experience the Grey Stuff! (i've heard its delicious! Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!)

September finished off the Summer just nicely. We may or may not have booked nearly a month in Florida for CHRISTMAS 2018! That's right, this time next year, we will all be in the sunshine state enjoying the holiday season with the Mouse himself! As with my solo trip, I have a lot of exciting stuff planned for the Christmas trip too, so watch this space! The announcement video can be found by clicking here.

October to December have been rather hectic work wise - a good few late nights and early mornings have been endured as Christmas approaches. Although I have been working a lot, fun times have also been enjoyed such as a day out to the Hawk Conservancy (highlights video available over on my YouTube) and a couple of visits to various National Trust properties in the area. Just over 25 hours of work left until I spend a week back at Broomhill Manor ringing in the new year with family and friends. I can't wait for a break, a relax and some enjoyable times too!

And here we are, just over a week left of 2017... What a crazy year its been. Next year will hopefully be a great one too (it'll definitely be a lot more Disney anyway!). I have a lot planned, both in 'real life', here on my blog and on YouTube. As i've mentioned on previous occasions, I have big plans, which I don't think you'll want to miss! Be sure to follow me on social media & subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with whats coming!

Finally, may I take this time to say thank you for all the support this year, and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!