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Battle of the Christmas Ad's 2017

One of my favourite things leading up to the festive season is the array of exciting TV adverts that grace the airwaves as retailers prepare for the busy Christmas season. Whether it is a traditional or novelty take on the Christmas season, everyone always seem to pull out all the stops as they battle it out for the best Christmas advert!

Here is my rundown and opinions as the 'Battle of the Christmas Ad' 2017 gets underway;

John Lewis: This year's John Lewis adverts see viewers introduced to a fluffy monster named Moz in an emotional story of friendship. Moz and a child named Joe strike up an unlikely friendship, which begins with a mutual love for late-night games, until staying up late takes a toll on Joe and Moz realises he must allow him some peace. On Christmas morning, Joe finds a messily wrapped present under the tree, and the advert ends with grumblings from under the bed as Joe switches off the light for the night. The advert is set to an Elbow cover of The Beatles' Golden Slumbers.

This is by far one of my least favourite John Lewis Christmas ad's of recent years, as the retailer returns to their tearjerking routes rather than the comedic fun of Buster the Boxer Dog from 2016. That isn't to say this year's campaign is a bad one, it just isn't my favourite...

Marks and Spencer: In an complete opposite to John Lewis, M&S's Christmas ad features everyone's favourite marmalade-loving bear from children's literature - Paddington! The advert sees Paddington Bear stumble across a burglar on the roof of his home, who he has mistaken for Santa Claus. Eager to help, Paddington offers to help deliver the presents, despite the fact that 'Santa' is an impostor. Eventually, the burglar sees the wrong in his ways as Paddington shows him how excited the family are to receive their presents.

I think this is my favourite Christmas ad of 2017, but then who wouldn't love an advert featuring the bear from deep dark Peru?! The storyline is simple, and although there is no mention of M&S products, that definitely doesn't make the advert less memorable or festive. Oh, and to be clear, its "thank you little bear"............ I'm not sure a 'meal for two and Paddington Bear' is what M&S were going for this Christmas!

Sainsburys: Now this is a weird one, and is nothing like the Sainsbury's adverts from years past. There is no tear-jerking war memorial (as in 2014), no animated fun with Mog the Cat, nor James Corden singing about a dad called Dave... Instead, the 2017 Sainsburys ad has no narrative, and is definitely going to be a 'Marmite' advert. You'll ever love it or hate it. Members of the public are filmed in black and white, as they sing about their favourite Christmastime traditions. The advert does though feature cameos from well-known festive faces such as Kermit the Frog and Ricky Tomlinson.

I'm not sure what I think about the advert, it is a very strange take on the Christmas ad, but I do have to say the song is rather catchy! Sainsbury's do though have 25 (yes... 25) versions of the advert to play throughout the holiday season, so that has got to be something! The ad just looks like Sainsbury's ran out of marketing budget and chucked something together using Windows Movie Maker, it really isn't anything spectacular. Truthfully I am rather disappointed with the Sainsbury's ad of 2017, especially compared to those of previous years.


This year's Aldi advert sees the return of Kevin the Carrot, the much-loved vegetable from last year's festive advertisement. Last year we followed Kevin on his journey to meet Santa Claus, but this year its all about his quest for romance. The advert is voiced by Jim Broadbent and picks up from where we last saw Kevin. I really like that Aldi is continuing the narrative from last year, whilst still ensuring the advert makes sense for those who didn't catch / don't remember last year's offering. The Aldi ad has to one of my favourites from 2017.

Now i'm not going to write about every single Christmas ad shown this year, or this post would be pages long and you'd be here for hours reading! Instead, I have ordered my top 8 Christmas ads in a list below. I always look forward to the traditional "holidays are coming" Coca Cola advert, which truly signifies the beginning of the festive season!

My Christmas Ad Battle 2017:

1) Marks and Spencer

2) Very

3) Aldi

4) Tesco

5) John Lewis

6) Argos

7) Toys R Us

8) Sainsbury's

Which advert is your favourite this year? Let me know in the comments below or via social!

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