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My Disney Parks Bucket List - Part 2

Back in July, I shared Part 1 of my Disney Parks Bucket List. Some of you may already know that I now don't just have one trip to Disney planned for 2018, but two! You can check out my announcement video for a bit more information about my second trip! Here are another 10 things that are currently on my Disney Parks Bucket List;

1) See the 'Rainy Day Cavalcade': This is a substitute parade which is performed when inclement weather prevents the normal Festival of Fantasy Parade from performing. Although the Rainy Day parade is only 5 minutes long, the characters all come out on the Main Street Vehicles and from videos i've seen, the performers always tend to have a ton of energy to brighten the rainy day for guests!

2) Eat at Be Our Guest: Now this is something I will definitely be ticking off in February, not once but twice! I have booked to eat at Be Our Guest for both breakfast and lunch during my solo trip - and i've already decided what i'm going to be eating! Be Our Guest is a Beauty and the Beast themed dining experience set inside Beast's castle! I will definitely be trying the grey stuff, i've heard its delicious! (don't believe me? Ask the dishes!)

3) Visit the Cinderella Castle Suite: I know I will never get the chance to stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite as you cannot buy a night, only win one, but there are rare opportunities to head up to the suite for a tour. To even step foot in the Castle Suite would be awesome with the stunning views down Main Street USA from a view very few people get to see. You never know, one day!

4) Watch Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue: This is hopefully something I will be able to tick off in December 2018, as we want to do something special as we celebrate the holidays, and what better way than a musical dinner show?! More chicken! More chicken! More chicken! Lets eat!

5) Complete the 'Disney Mountain Challenge': For those who don't know, there are 4 'mountain' rides at Disney World - Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom and Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. There is technically a fifth - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - but it isn't, for some reason, listed on the official challenge. The challenge dictates that for a valid run, guests must ride all 4 mountains within a standard operating day. Seems like it may be possible, and maybe something i'll attempt in February...

6) Attempt the Kitchen Sink Challenge: What is the Kitchen Sink I hear you ask... No, its not where you do the washing up, but it is a sink. Just filled with ice cream and a ton of sweet treats! Brownies, cookies, 4 flavours of ice cream, different sauces, a whole can of whipped cream and a lot more besides! Seems like a mammoth challenge, and not one i'll even contemplate attempting solo. So if any of my Florida friends want to join the attempt, please do let me know!

7) Buy a piece of Disney Art: Only problem is, Disney art is expensive! I'd love a Disney piece for my room, and i've got my eyes set on a couple I absolutely love. There are a few issues though; 1) they are quite big and won't fit in my suitcase to come home and 2) they are jolly expensive! One day I may just buy myself a Disney original, but for now I think i'll just have to settle for a print or two!

8) Be in a Disney Park for Christmas Day and New Years Eve: This is definitely one i'll be fulfilling in 2018! If you haven't already seen my announcement video, I am going to Disney for Christmas and New Year's 2018/19, and we definitely plan on being in the parks on both Christmas Day and New Years Eve. I'm thinking Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day and Epcot on New Year's Eve! I can't wait!

9) Wild Africa Trek: The Wild Africa Trek is a high ropes course and Savannah tour at Animal Kingdom. It takes you much deeper into the safari than the standard Kilimanjaro Safari's attraction does too! Walking across the rope bridge above a enclosure full of alligators sounds scary and thrilling at the same time... I've heard from a lot of people that the Wild Africa Trek is a tour not to miss, and definitely one I want to personally in the future!

10) Visit every Disney Park in the world: California, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai........ One day it'll happen, just maybe not for a good few years! Another thing I better get saving for!

So there you have it, another 10 things on my Disney Parks Bucket List, I may well share another 10 in the future at some point, but in the meantime look out for plenty of other Disney and lifestyle blog posts coming fortnightly right here on my website! I'll also have some exciting content coming to my YouTube channel in the near future, so make sure you are subscribed - more about that soon!

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