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Disney World for First Timers - My Top 5 'Must Do's'

Heading to Walt Disney World for the first time and looking for some handy tips? Then look no further - here are my top 5 'must do's' for first timers!

Get a 'First Visit' badge: Disney do badges for anything - they do ones for 'First Visit', birthday, anniversary or even just general 'i'm celebrating' buttons! Wear it around the parks during your first trip, and you'll get recognised by Cast Members, and maybe even get a freebie or two!

'Rope Drop' at least once: For those not really involved in the Disney community, 'rope drop' is when you get to a park before it opens and are therefore one of the first guests to enter the park for the day. Now I wouldn't recommend rope dropping every park, but Magic Kingdom is a must. They have a lovely little welcome show at the Cinderella Castle stage, where Mickey and his Disney friends welcome you to the most magical place on earth, and kick off a day of fun and memories. It is definitely something you should aim to see at least once as it truly is a magical moment! Plus you can enjoy Main Street USA and its shops/dining up to an hour before the rides officially open! (for those who have visited before, the welcome show for Magic Kingdom is completely different now and no longer involves the train :-( #SadTimes)

Eat something Mickey shaped: There is a ton of Mickey shaped treats offered at the Walt Disney World parks and resorts, so there is bound to be something for everyone! Some items offered include; Mickey Waffles, Rice Krispy Treats, Pretzels, Ice Creams, and a lot more besides! My personal favourite is the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich - two chocolate chip cookies which sandwich some delicious vanilla ice cream - I'm salivating just thinking about it! Whatever you choose, it is sure to be delicious and the fact it is Mickey shaped makes things even more magical!

See the shows: Now Walt Disney World offers an endless amount of fantastic shows throughout the parks and resorts, but there are a few I think first timers should definitely check out;

- At Hollywood Studios, you have to see Fantasmic. It is honestly one of the best Disney shows you'll ever see, it includes a load of Disney characters and will no doubt be an unforgettable highlight of your trip.

- At Magic Kingdom, you shouldn't miss Happily Ever After. This new nighttime spectacular debuted this year and is 100% my favourite show (and I haven't even seen it in person yet!). It not only includes fireworks, but also lasers, projections on Cinderella Castle and even a little surprise featuring everyone's favourite fairy!

- At Animal Kingdom, Festival of the Lion King is another that you must see. This Westend/Broadway grade production tells the story of the Lion King through the classic music accompanied by dancing, singing, acrobatics, and in-theater effects. I guarantee that once you've seen it once, you'll catch the Disney vibe and want to go back to watch again and again.

Take full advantage of PhotoPass: A lot of theme parks around the world don't offer free photos taken by their professional photographers, but Disney is one of the exceptions (to an extent...). You are more than welcome, and are encouraged, to have your photograph taken by one of Disney's professionals whom are always dotted around the parks for no charge (yep, thats right, a free mini-photoshoot!). All of the photos you get taken will be linked automagically to your My Disney Experience account and will therefore be accessible through your phone or computer. Unfortunately, that is as far as the 'free' goes, although Disney does offer Memory Maker - a way to download all of your photos (including ride photos) for one set fee. And it is often included in UK ticket bookings, which makes things even better!

If you have any questions or want some more tips, be sure to get in contact with me via social media or email, and i'll be more than happy to help!

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