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My Disney Parks Bucket List - Part 1

Anyone that knows me well will know that I am a huge Disney Parks fan. I've visited Disney World 4 times and already have one trip booked for 2018. Now Walt Disney World is huge (40 square miles to be exact), so I in no way expect (or would want) to visit every inch, but there are quite a few things I would love to do one day at Disney. Below is the first 10 things on my Disney Parks bucket list, watch out for more to come in the future;

1) Take 5 backstage tours: I've already done one - Keys to the Kingdom - but i'd love to do more. They are so informative and right up my street considering how much of a Disney nut I am! I think I may do the 'Behind the Seeds' tour on my next trip.

2) Stay in every Walt Disney World Resort hotel: Now this one may take a bit of time, but although I haven't yet stayed in a Disney Resort, I will be starting this mammoth task next year, when I will be staying on-site for the first time. Every subsequent trip where I say onsite, I will make the effort to stay at a different resort when possible.

3) Send a letter from the Main Street Postbox: Now this one should be easy, who wants a postcard?!

4) Take photographs on an empty Main Street: I am hoping to fulfill this one next year when I visit again - staying onsite I get Extra Magic Hours (a couple of hours extra in the park before/after its closes to normal day guests), So I am hoping an early enough start or a late enough finish will get me those near-empty Main Street shots!

5) Visit the 4 parks in one day: Another one that may be possible in February, and something i've never attempted before. I am considering purchasing the Express Transportation pass on my next trip which will make this goal even more achievable!

6) Visit WDW during every holiday (Halloween, Christmas, New Year, 4th of July etc.): I've ticked one holiday off this list - Halloween - I went to the first Halloween Party of the season in 2016 and loved it! Now lets start planning some more trips...

7) Go to the Resorts 50th anniversary in 2021 (ideally be there on the actual date - 1st October): Better start saving now.........

8) Meet an Imagineer: Not sure if or when this will ever come true, but I sure hope it does!

9) Build my collection of Disney Pins: My collection is ever growing following each trip to a Disney Park. I now have well over 50 pins, and this collection will inevitably grow forever. Watch out for a video in the future of my pin collection!

10) Become a Walt Disney World Cast Member!

I hope to tick a few off my bucket list on my next trip to Walt Disney World, and make many more magical memories. I have a lot more on my Disney bucket list, so watch out for a Part 2 in the future!

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