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Mamma Mia, how can I resist you?

I was lucky enough to head to London a couple of weeks ago and watch Mamma Mia: The Musical at the Novello Theatre, as part of my sisters 18th Birthday celebrations (would have been more fitting if she was “only seventeen…” though). So in this week’s blog, I share my thoughts and an overview of this ABBA-solutely F-ABBA-lous show!

I was surprised to see differences between the film and the West End musical. Songs were in a different order and scenes had been added with extra songs. But I’ll be honest, I quite liked that, it made clear differences between both mediums. The overall storyline was the same and of course the songs hadn’t changed – whether you are an ABBA fan of not, you are bound to know many of the hits included in this musical!! The music and lyrics tie in so nicely with the story, what’s not to love?!

There was one scene I wasn’t too sure on though, and that was the dream/nightmare/“Under Attack” scene. The song is one of ABBA’s lesser known, and the scene is just a bit weird and wasn’t really necessary for the story. I won’t say any more as I don’t want to spoil too much.

The ending is a real treat as you are transported to a “Donna and the Dynamos” concert featuring some of the biggest hits including Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Waterloo! There is literally no option than to join the rest of the audience in a huge dance and sing along to finish the show. I’m not afraid to say I was standing up out of my seat belting the ABBA classics at the top of my lungs! (apologies to whoever was sat near me if you had to put up with my dulcet tones…)

The 2016/17 cast of Mamma Mia were amazing, full of talent and all played their roles fABBAlously. The casting highlights for me were probably Linzi Hatley as Donna, Sanne Den Besten as Sophie Sheridan and Mazz Murray at Tanya, but they were all brilliant. I was surprised to learn that for many of them it was one of their first roles on the West End, yet it seemed like they’d been performing in London’s theatre district forever. I’m sure they’ll all go on to succeed in many other shows in the future.

The set was simplistic but fitting. I won’t spoil too much, but it was basically two set pieces onstage that spun to alternate between inside and out, enhanced with props and lighting effects. The costumes were great – colourful and flamboyant - but then what else would you expect from a show based on the songs of such music legends?! And for the ladies, the lack of costume on some of the guys may be a welcome sight for you too…

Overall, if you are after a feel-good musical with some comedy thrown in for good measure, Mamma Mia is 100% the show to see! I personally can’t see anything to dislike about it – I haven’t stopped listening to the ABBA classics for weeks! Book your tickets now by clicking here*!

There is only one (rather cheesy) way to end a review of a show that simply wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Benny, Bjorn, Anni-frid and Agnetha – Thank You For The Music!

Have you seen the show? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on social media!

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