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Confessions of a Disney Keano

Becoming a fan of anything Disney is extremely easy - the parks, films, music and characters. Whats not to love?! But what happens when this love becomes an uncontrollable obsession? Well, i'm about to tell you because... well, that's me - a Disney Keano!

I quote Disney on a daily basis: Whether that be Disney films or well-known Disney Parks lines, i'm always sneaking them into my daily conversations. Most of the time it goes unnoticed, and nobody quite clicks on to the fact that I am reciting a line from a Disney classic. You could say they just let it go... My favourite quote has got to be from Walt himself; "Laughter is Timeless, Imagination has No Age and Dreams are Forever".

My music library is 75% Disney: My Spotify consists of a lot of Disney music that gets listened to on a daily basis, and I have numerous Disney CD's in my car. The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is my personal favourite at the moment. I will be sharing another Spotify playlist sometime this week with my Top 20 Disney songs, so look out for that!

TsumTsums: Now, when these little plush toys were released, I thought to myself "what a waste of money, who'd want those?". And now I find myself with a growing army of tiny squishy characters which adorn shelves (specifically bought I might add) on my bedroom wall. Ranging from 'Lion King' to 'Beauty and the Beast', I am now the owner of 25 different characters, and that number tends to increase on a monthly basis.

I also own a LOT of Disney merch: Everywhere you look in my bedroom, you'll find some sort of Disney merchandise! Whether that be a photo frame, Pop Vinyl, Disney mug or one of my Disney Pin boards, Disney is literally everywhere! Following every trip to Disney World, I have to bring back a ton of merchandise, and a visit to the Disney Store is not complete unless i'm leaving with an iconic Disney castle carrier bag!

I'd rather watch a Disney film than party: Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am certainly no party animal. In fact, i'd rather spend an evening sitting at home watching a Disney movie with a bowl of popcorn, than be out on the town with all the drunks. Whether that be a classic like Snow White or a new release such as Frozen, its a Disney film, and its probably great!

I will not bin anything Disney: That's right, nothing remotely connected to Disney goes in the bin. I've kept every park map i've ever picked up, every Disney carrier bag, and even have some Disney confetti from the opening show of Epcot! I am a bit of Disney hoarder. When am I ever going to look at that piece of Mickey confetti ever again?! I won't, its just Disney and I cannot face seeing it in the bin.

I want to work for Disney: If there is one dream in life, it is definitely to work in Walt Disney World. Now, being from the UK it isn't the easiest thing to do, but it is totally possible through the Cultural Representative Program. Although I am not quite ready to face living in America for a year on my own just yet, Disney jobs are always on my radar, and I will become a Walt Disney World Cast Member one day. I hope.

I want Disney to open a store near me, just so I can work there: Although the dream is to work in Walt Disney World, Florida, i'll only be able to that for a year of my life (unless I take the leap and become a US resident, which may one day actually happen, you never know...). I think I could probably settle my lifelong Disney obsession by working in the Disney Store. If only there was one closer to me! *hint hint, Disney*

I regularly watch the Disney Parks on YouTube: Honestly, just look at my YouTube viewing history - I am always watching Disney shows, parades and ride POV's, past and present, from all around the globe. Reliving something from my first visit, experiencing something from a park i've never visited or just visiting my happy place, I will always find something Disney to watch.

I own a Disney fan site: Now if this doesn't scream Disney Keano, i'm not quite sure what does! I own and run a popular Disney World fan site, Disney Magic WDW (sorry, shameless plug...) which boasts nearly 1000 Twitter followers and regularly hits 4 digit monthly site views (nothing like blowing your own trumpet! haha). I am constantly on the lookout for Disney news and rumors, and reporting them to the world. You should totally come over and check it out at www.disneymagicwdw.com or @DisneyMagicWDW (ok, i'll stop it now)

So that is it, my confessions of a Disney Keano. Do you have any confessions you have never shared?

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