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BLOG: Disney Parks Tag [Part 1]

1 - First time you went to a Disney Park?

The first time I went to Walt Disney World was back in 2006, when I was just 7 years old. I don't remember much, just that I loved the place and couldn't wait to go back. I remember loving some of the more random attractions, like Carousel of Progress, and also being too scared to go on Test Track!

2 - Favourite Park?

Ooooh, don't make me pick! I love each park for its own reason. Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios have their perks, but are both toward the bottom half of my list - Hollywood Studios just seems like a construction site at the moment! Epcot is special, it doesn't feel like a theme park, but has some of the best rides on property. But for me, if I can only choose one park, it has to be Magic Kingdom. There is something so magical about walking down Main Street USA, hearing that iconic parade music or experiencing those Disney classics. There is no way i'd ever go to Disney without visiting Magic Kingdom.

3 - Favourite land in the Magic Kingdom?

I really love Fantasyland, with its mix of classic and new attractions. But Frontierland isn't far behind.

4 - Favourite Disney Resort hotel?

I haven't stayed in one, so I can't comment from experience, but if money was no object - i'd love to stay at the Grand Floridian Resort, but then, who wouldn't?! Sticking to a slightly more reasonable budget (considering this is Disney...), I love the Polynesian Village Resort and Yacht/Beach Club Resorts, so either of those would have to be my favourite.

5 - Favourite snack?

Again, do I have to pick one?! It is definitely a toss up between the classic cinnamon churro, or one of those giant white iced doughnuts with sprinkles, that are so moreish they are devoured within minutes.

6 - Favourite souvenir?

There are two things I just have to bring home from a trip to Walt Disney World - a mug and a photo frame. I've got one from every trip. I also collect Disney Pins, so I tend to buy those a lot too.

7 - Favourite table service and quick service?

TS: Via Napoli, Italy Pavilion, Epcot

QS: Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

8 - Favourite ride in each park?

MK: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

E: Soarin' Around the World

HS: Toy Story Mania

AK: Kilimanjaro Safaris

9 - Favourite show?

Festival of the Lion King - Its based on the Lion King, so whats not to love?! Honestly though, the performance put on throughout this show is phenomenal, the show is definitely comparable to the West End show.

10 - Favorite fireworks/parade?

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular - the combination of the pyro, projections, lighting effects and iconic musical score just gives me that goose-bumpy kinda feeling. Seeing a giant Millennium Falcon projected across the entirety of the Chinese Theater, or flamethrowers launching fireballs 30ft into the air, or lasers coming from all directions. There is something special about the show. My choice may be changed when 'Happily Ever After' debuts this Summer at Magic Kingdom, but we will have to wait and see whether it lives up to expectation!

11 - What colour is your MagicBand?

Green, of course!

12 - Favourite character to meet?

Although I haven't met a character in a while, it has to be the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse! Oh, or Olaf, he was cool too.

I'll leave it at that for today, there are plenty of other tag questions I could answer, but i'll leave those for a rainy day. Hope you enjoyed this tag, let me know if there are any other tags you'd like me to do, and i'd also love to hear your answers to some of the questions above!

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