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BT Broadcast Live from the EBB Stadium!

Yesterday was a big day for Aldershot Town FC as they welcomed BT Sport into the grounds to broadcast the ATFC vs Forest Green Rovers match live on BT Sport 1 on national TV! It all started early in the morning, when BT came in their droves bringing tens of thousands of pounds worth of equipment and miles of cables, all packed neatly into a few trucks. As I am one of a small team filming ordinary Aldershot Town FC matches for the National League Highlights Show, we were given access behind the scenes to the BT Sport OB setup!

Upon arival we headed up to the executive suite to find one of BT's camera gantry's was right outside the window - perfect! Throughout the match we'd have a look behind the scenes at the camerawork and commentry, as well as a view of the football in person on the pitch. We also had the BT Sport coverage on the TV to see exactly what BT were broadcasting!

Before the match, we had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the BT Sport team, for a guided tour around the setup. The OB was a 11 camera setup - all filming and recording in 4K Ultra HD! The setup also featured a slow motion camera to get some cracking action shots! After a tour around the grounds looking at the camera and audio setup, we headed back into the OB trucks to see what goes on behind the scenes! You can see some pictures of inside the OB truck below, but it is basically a couple of rooms full of screens and buttons, oh, and people!

Once the show has been live edited, the feed is sent through this spiders web of cables...

Into this satellite dish which beams the signal to BT Tower, up to the satellites in space, and back down to earth and onto your tele!

And in 4K! Thats a lot of bandwidth!!!

We were later invited into the OB truck during the match to see what was happening as the show was going out live! Check out the quick video below from inside the truck, or check out my short Periscope from the night!

Huge thanks to BT Sport for arranging this, and letting us come in and watch! It was a great experience!

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