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Working for the LSE!

Over the past few months, myself along with a team of fellow Film Production students at college have been planning and producing some videos for the London School of Economics - a prestigious university in London, United Kingdom. These videos were produced for the new 'mediation' department which aims to help resolve employee disputes in a less-formal manner than the current grievance procedures in place.

The project started with a client meeting with the head of Mediation, Gail, who provided detailed information about what should be included in the video. This was followed up by a one-day shoot at the university in London, where myself and 11 other students took the college's high tech equipment into London to film a variety of interviews, cutaways and exterior shots. Once the footage was collected, editing of the videos commenced and back in April the final videos were ready to be sent to the client.

I was personally involved with many stages of this project; from planning, to filming and editing. But I was also involved heavily with a number of other projects too. These 3 videos are now available to university staff on the website; http://www.lse.ac.uk/intranet/staff/humanResources/reviewingAndRewarding/promotionAndReview/disciplinaryGrievance/grievances/Mediation.aspx. The videos are also available for viewing on my YouTube Channel and are also embedded below...

Video 1: Introduction to Mediation

Video 2: Benefits of Mediation

Video 3: Process and Feedback

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